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About Us

About Us:
Established  in  2002,  Shenzhen  Zhenhua   Lingyun  Technology  Co.,Ltd.  is  located  in
Shenzhen, adjoining the international free trade port  Hong Kong. We have been focusing
on the research of China’s electronics industry  for more than 10 years. We have our own
IC design team and IC manufacturing plants and sales team, can provide satisfactory after
service to our customers.
We are  the solution provider of  various electronic products  and can provide  high quality
and competitive pricing semiconductors, electronic components, switching power supplies
and LED lighting drivers, etc.
Main Business:
1.   High quality, competitive pricing semiconductors and electronic components.
2.   High quality, competitive pricing power adaptors, LED lighting drivers.
3.   Complete power supply design and LED lighting driver design.
1.   Guarantee the quality to meet customer’s requirements.
2.   Help customers lower their cost.
3.   Put  customer’s  satisfaction  to  the  first  place  and  establish  a  long-term  mutually
beneficial relationship with customers.
Brand Ideas:
Our Values: Help others and do your best to succeed.
Our Faith: Persistence is victory. Hard-working leads to success.
Our Business Principle: Be focused, professional and striving for excellence.
Our View of Customer: Service foremost and meet customer’s requirements are our duty.
Our Perspective: Grow with customer and create an outstanding company.
Corporate Culture:
1.   Treat customers sincerely.
2.   Be confident with yourself.
3.   Treat colleagues kindly.
4.   Care for friends.
5.   Persist with what you are doing.
6.   Be modest when you are on the crest of the wave.
7.   Lead a healthy life.
8.   Love and respect your parents.

Technical Support:
If you have any questions, just feel free to send us an email. We will get back to you asap.
Sales Network:
Ordering is just the beginning  of experiencing our service. Just  send us an email, we will
do our best provide you with first-class service.
Talent Recruitment:
In order  to promote  our products  and service  better, we  hope to  find some  partners in
some  other countries.  If  you  are interested  in  our  products and  service,  please  don’t
hesitate to contact us.
If you need this model of our product, please send us an email with detailed specs and we
will provide you with the most competitive product.
Contact Us:
Tel:+86 0755 27863637
Fax:+86 0755 27889977